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new internet has gone buggy and by buggy I mean pop ups of needs and urges to download and upgrade and while yet all this has gone misleading I can't operate on the web with all this. I've only been able to get this information through on other computer but since I can't upload art with all these problems i'll be going dark for some time , like I got a wee bit of request I need to do and can't with my buggy internet so yeah that's the case right there
i'm kindly asking for no new request so i can get ones i haven't done so far

those are
:iconredsaber2020:- a muscle growth comic of his character… (done)
:iconzatchbell19:- a muscle growth comic of cream the rabbit  (done)
:iconmr6:- don't know yet
:iconwblforever:- growth series of Nagi from the Tenchi Muyo
:iconbilly3802: growth series of his neko character
:iconk-a-y-dee6678: (done)
:iconpyrohawkz:-growth series of his friends character Pachua… (done)

and :iconunknown-page: